The (pre-recorded & Self Paced) Vision To Book Mastermind Class is available for you to take but for those that learn better within a group then this group coaching session is for you. This in depth group coaching class is ONLY available 4 times a year and the next group coaching class is coming up soon.

If you are interested in this group coaching class click here. Everything that is taught in the Vision To Book Mastermind Class will be taught in this group class. 


Here is what you will learn in this group class:

Module 1 Discovering the Writer in You

Module 2 Author Development & Discovering the Author in You

Module 3 Mindset of Being an Author

Module 4 Branding as an Author

Module 5 Book Writing Process

Module 6 Story Development

Module 7 Character Development

Module 8 Book Formatting

Module 9 Book Editing

Module 10 Copyright your Book

Module 11 Book Cover

Module 12 Book Synopsis

Module 13 Self Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing

Module 14 Book Marketing

Module 15 How to build your writer’s platform locally

This class is for you if:

1. You have always had the desire to become a self published author but don’t have a clue on how or where to start.

2. Your story has been inside you for a while and you are more than ready to write it.

3. You feel as though you don’t have time to write.

4. You have been ready to start your writing career but doubted your writing talent.


BONUS# 1 Includes a 27 Page Workbook

BONUS#2  Lifetime access to the Private Vision To Book Mastermind Class Facebook Group to be in a community with other aspiring authors

If you are interested in the Vision To Book Mastermind class please click here.   

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P.S. God gave you the talent of writing. What are you doing with it? This is what I had to ask myself. After so many years of not believing in myself as a writer, I was afraid that my work was not good enough so I was afraid to step out on faith with it. I was my own worst critic.