I can’t speak for every writer on the planet but I am sure at some point you have thought about writing more. In order to write more you have to make the transition from a part time writer to a Full Time writer.

For some this could mean writing being your only source of income.

For other writers this could mean having a second source of income in conjunction with your day job income.

Which ever fits you you still have to write more. If your goal is for writing to be your only source of income then you have to prepare yourself.

Get ahead with your book ideas. start a notebook and write those ideas down. Refer back to this notebook when you get ready to start on your new writing project. This also helps allevitate writer’s block. If you have a guide (which is your notebook) It helps the writing projects flow faster.

When I first started writing my goal was to only have a second source of income and I have reached my goal. Now my next goal to accomplish is to have writing as my only source of income. That is and always will be my ultimate goal because I am very passionate about my writing.

That goal is of course a bit far fetched and not many writers reach that but I will never stop trying to reach it. Persistence is my middle name.

If writing is your second source of income And you desire to transition into full time writing then you have to learn how to balance your time.

Your family needs you, your kids need you, your job needs you to work overtime trust me I understand. Transitioning to a full time writer can be very challenging.

1. Stay Motivated

Writers give up all the time. Don’t be one of those writers. The ones that don’t stay motivated end up doing what they really don’t want to do and end up regretting not following their dreams.

2. Stay Focused

It’s so easy to get side tracked!!! This is another thing that I have experienced many times over. It seems as though once you get side tracked its hard to bounce back. Life can throw you a curve ball and its up to you to take that curve ball and throw it back.

3. Keep your eye on the main goal.

I had many times when my life was side tracked but I kept my eye on my main goal. Distractions are going to come but if you keep your eye on the main goal in the Midst of those distractions then nothing that comes at you can throw you off to the point where you are too far gone off focus that coming back from it will be difficult to do.

You can make a transition. In order to do that you are going to have to be tired of starting writing projects and not finishing them when you want to finish them because you are only able to write part time.

Full time writing is something to consider. It all boils down to one thing (Being for real about your goal)

Your goal just can’t be a goal written down on paper or on a memo pad in your phone. Start now by making that transition so you can be on the journey of having the writing career you so desire.