Writers block does not exist. I personally don’t believe in it. The reason I don’t believe in writers block is because
1. If you are connected to your story and your characters there should not  be writers block.

Writer’s block means you are forcing yourself to finish writing the story. Let your writing come naturally.

Before you start writing #1Think about what you want your story to be about.
#2 create your characters. What are your characters name, what personalities will each character have, what are their living situation, what do you want the moral of your story to be. Every story needs one. It’s called a plot.
#3 get in tune and prepare yourself to connect with your characters so much that you are able to be each character that you created as if it’s reality.

While writing your fiction book Think of it as a one person show and you are that one person playing different characters. Now this is the fun part about writing fiction that I absolutely love.

You are no longer just you (one person) you become every character that you create right in the Midst of writing your book.

If you have this so called writers block and you have already started writing your book the best thing to do is to just step away from it, gather your thoughts and the other things I mentioned above and come back to it.

I can’t reinterate this enough….Never force the writing. This is a huge mistake. Readers can read your book and tell if you rushed to write it. You don’t want that to happen.

Your main thing as a writer is to write a good story, with good story development to keep your readers reading and to build up your support system. Your readers are not just your readers they are also your support system. They support you by buying and reading your book.

There is a difference between A story with Story development and a story that is just a story with no meaning and only words on the page. Ask yourself which story has more substance?
Think before you write.

Writer’s block has literally hindered a lot of writers. It has put their book on pause. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Writing block devil has to be rebuked In the name of Jesus. I mean you have a book to write. Can I get a Amen? Holla if you hear me.

You can no longer let the writing block devil steal the creative  thoughts from your mind.

God we come to you and ask you to cast this devil into the lake of writers block never to live again. In Jesus name Amen

Hope this helps. Now go be unblocked!!!!! Remember there is power in your words.