Mrs Carrie Blues


Carrie’s old flame Brandon resurfaces and it looks like the flame is about to get hot enough to reignite.

She had been thinking about him so much that he popped up. Giving much thought to giving him a chance to prove his love he comes back to her with a sincere heart that no woman on this earth can turn down making Carrie believe she made the right decision.

Brandon wasted no time to ask Carrie for her hand in marriage. She got what she wanted; to be Brandon’s wife but will she regret her yes when her health is in jeopardy due to Brandon’s actions? Will Carrie be able to accept her husband’s final decision pertaining to a serious matter that can affect the rest of her life? Is it possible for Carrie to still love her husband when he won’t give her something that another man would be more willing to give her?

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