Insecurity means lacking confidence and having self doubt. Do you feel as though this is you?

The #1 thing that you should have as a writer is confidence.

You should give your writing a chance to thrive by putting confidence behind it.

Believe in what you are writing.

Never say your writing is crap. Even if it is still believe that you are the best that ever did it.

And who told you your writing was crap anyway. You told yourself that. Why???

You just may be the best writer of them all but you doubt that you are.

You look at other writers and say to yourself….I can’t write like her, I can’t write like him. Why are you comparing yourself to other writers.

Who are they and why do you care how well they Write? And who said they write well.You told yourself that. You are thinking that just because of the success they appear to be having. Looks can be deceiving. All that matters is how YOU write and how well YOU succeed.

You will never publish a book

Reach bestseller status

Or even finish writing your book if you keep worrying about how somebody else writes and worrying about how much success they have and thinking you couldn’t possibly have that kind of writing success. Says who????????????????

Everybody don’t need to write the same to be accepted into this writing industry. The writing industry needs your unique writing style. 

So the next time you start to doubt yourself and those writing insecurities start to kick in just remember your writing is just that (your writing).

Who has time to compare themselves to the next writer? You should be writing so much that you don’t have time to compare.

Believe in YOU. Believe in your gift. God gave YOU your own unique gift so why are you comparing and wishing to write like someone else as if the writing gift God gave YOU was not good enough.

Apologize to God for doubting the gift he placed in you. He gave it to YOU because he wanted YOU to have it. He didn’t give it to you to misuse and abuse by comparing what he has given you to what he has given to someone else.

Your writing is enough. How you write is enough. God qualified YOU when he placed the gift inside YOU therefore it is enough!!!

No more comparison.

No more self doubt.

No more lack of confidence.