Rick Lancaster takes over the role of Pastor at the church and marries Neondra Stallworth. He knew that marrying Neondra with her conservative demeanor would protect his image as pastor.

Sadly Neondra doesn’t know that her husband is living a double life. His secret profession has remained a secret until the dirty deeds of his lustful behavior causes him to continue to fall from grace. He just can’t seem to stay away from doing wrong.

What he thought was just a good thing on the side with Tracy brought upon a baby named Sadie that Rick’s parents knew nothing about. Rick thought that this part of his life was over and that the baby was nonexistent but what he didn’t know was that Tracy decided to keep the baby.

When Rick finds out about Sadie he slowly rekindles flames with Tracy but when his wife’s health is not up to par to satisfy his needs he goes for it full speed ahead.

Rick pretends to resist the temptation but he is loving every minute of it while neglecting the pulpit and his wife.
He is giving his mistress Tracy more attention than he gives God and his wife. He can’t seem to shake his weakness.

Is it love? Or is it lust? Is this thing that he has for Tracy worth the disrespect of his vows and the church where he is supposed to be leading the flock?

Something happens and makes Rick come to the realization that only one woman can set his soul on fire? Who will it be?

Will Rick regain his focus and get back on track as a true leader of the church? Or will Rick continue to be more enticed with letting the devil ride his soul?


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