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Best Selling Author Sharanda Foster Douglas is a self published author of many books includingShaken Faith: Healing My Broken Spirit in the Midst of My Storm, Before I Say I Do Book 1: Raquel McQueen, Devon & John, Before I Say I Do Book 2 Raquel McQueen & Rick Lancaster, and After I Say I Do The Pastor’s Mistress

She was raised in Bessemer, Alabama where she grew up in a very strict household.  Not being able to voice her opinion guided her to her God given purpose in life.

She fell in love with writing as a freedom of expression, all starting with that one journal at the age of 14.

In 1996 her journals lead to writing poetry. One thing lead to another and from there she started writing stage plays in 2008 and writing fiction books in 2013 which are now available to read.

Just like the stories that she writes she has had her share of challenges in the chapters of her own life but writing became her therapy. She interpreted those events and stories into her plays and books.

Since 2012 she has been writing for black history programs at her church and through her company Out on Faith Productions LLC. Using her 20 years of writing experience she coaches aspiring authors in her Vision to Book Mastermind Class.

In December 2012 she wrote the stage play “Love” The Gift that Keeps on Giving for a local middle school drama club here in Birmingham, Al. Both of where Sharanda received encouraging words from colleagues, friends and church family to keep going and never stop writing.

She says “I put God first in everything that I set out to do and I strongly believe that my path has been directed by God himself. I acknowledge that it was nobody but God that has guided me to this point in my life and this is the reason why I write with a message in it to uplift and inspire.”

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